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In environmental and civil applications in many cases a need to block a waterflow is faced, in order to avoid groundwater spreading of pollutants or be able to create a so called polder construction.

Cofra has various barrier solutions available. Some of these make use of HDPE membranes, resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Other are based on cement bentonite walls installed with a trencher. Sometimes we combine these techniques. Our barriers can be installed horizontal, on a slope or even vertical over 30 meters of depth. Cofra solutions focus on separation, not on structural strength.

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Our solutions

Cofra has the following barrier solutions within it's portfolio

A selection of our barrier projects

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Liner installation for Incinerated ashes depot for N62 road, The Netherlands

We have installed 90,000m2 of liner to cover incinerated ashes embankments in 2019 on the N62.


Liner installation for upgrade A27 highway

We have installed 220,000m2 of liner to upgrade an old incinerated ashes embankment in 2015.


Liner installation for incinerated ashes embankment A9 highway

We have installed 220,000m2 of liner to cover incinerated ashes embankments on the new A9 deviation around Badhoevedorp in 2019.


Liner installation for large incinerated ashed depot in harbour of Amsterdam.

We have installed 130,000m2 of liner to cover an incinerated ashes depot in operation between 2013 and 2018.


Liner installation for landfill site Veendam

We have installed 288,000m2 of HDPE 2mm liner to cover a landfill in 2012.


Liner installation former dumpsite Volgermeerpolder

We have installed 850.000m2 of HDPE 2mm liner to cover an old highly poluted landfill site between 2006 and 2010.