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Ground improvement for oil & gas and mining projects have various application areas. Ground improvement can be performed for tank farm foundations, but also for complete refineries and extraction locations. For the mining industry the application areas are mainly focused on the treatment of tailing materials and compaction of tailing dams to increase the construction rate.

For oil & gas sites Cofra can provide several solutions like complete soil replacement with compaction of the foundations, to the application of PVD with surcharge to limit the residual settlements or compaction of loose sands. The consolidation techniques are often used as an integral ground improvement solution, treating the complete construction site when located on soft compressible soils. After preloading the treated areas will show a reduction in post construction settlements that limits differential settlements and prevent damage to services that are connected to the structures. Compaction is used to prevent liquefaction or to compact footing locations to increase the load settlement behavior of the subsoil and reduce the footing size.

For tailing ponds Cofra has, depending on the tailing properties, several solutions available. The main application is to provide drainage to the tailing by installing drains. These drains can also be made active by applying a vacuum, to improve mainly the top meters of the tailings without the need to place surcharge. They create volume and strength. Modified vertical drains can also be used to lower the water table and extract water from the tailing pond. All can be installed from the top of the tailings from barges or other floating equipment. In case of coarse materials, compaction can also be an option, mainly on the tailing beaches.