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Densification of granular material (compaction) is often required in areas subject to vibrations such as earthquake loading or traffic movement. Compaction is executed during the construction phase of a project to avoid post construction settlements or liquefaction (the loss of strength of the granular material) during for example an earthquake. It improves the load-settlement behavior of the material, making it suitable to reduce foundation settlements of structures. 

All compaction methods make use of the same principle: introducing high local vibrations into the soil body. These high vibrations densify the granular material when larger than the interparticle resistance. As the vibration energy reduces with the distance to the vibration source, the effect of compaction is bound to physical limits depending on various parameters. In order to have a solution for each case, Cofra has three compaction techniques within its portfolio. Find out more by using the links in the overview below. 

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Our solutions

Cofra has the following compaction solutions within it's portfolio

CDC compaction for the movement of 13500 Ton bridge

A selection of our compaction projects

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CDC compaction for Puchov railway project

Cofra Chemia has executed the compaciton for the Puchov railway project in 2017.


CDC compaction for land reclamation of a new port in Duqm, Oman

We have compacted 826,000m2 of reclamation up to a depth of 8m for a new port in Duqm, Oman.

Makassar CVC 77

CDC, CRC and CVC compaction for new reclamation for the expansion of Makassar Indonesia

We compacted 450,000 m2 land reclamation using our compaction techniques. The uniqueness of this project was that three compaction techniques were available for the compaction of the reclamation of up to 12m thickness. This made that optimisations were reached in the deployment of the techniques.


CDC compaction for DWDR project in Dover, UK

We compacted in 2017 in several phases 90,000m2 for the expansion of the Dover Western Harbour Front. Compaction was executed right next to sheetpile walls.


CDC compaction for carriageway railway bridge

We compacted in several phases the carriageway for the transport of a 13,500ton railway bridge in 2016. Compaction was executed in strict time schedule due to closures of highways for the compaction of the subbase material.


CDC compaction for Felixstowe berth 9 expansion

We compacted in two phases the new berth 9 quay  in 2015 and in 2018 the remaining area behind the quay.