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Piled embankment

Cofra was one of the pioneers in the field of piled embankments and has installed piled embankment for over 15 years. For the cases where our consolidation or other element solutions may not provide the desired results in term of embankment construction or residual settlement Cofra has developed the AuGeo piled embankment system to deliver settlement-free road construction platforms in a very short period of time. Due to the installation method of the AuGeo pile using a static downward force, without vibrations, it is guaranteed that each pile has a predetermined load-bearing capacity. This also means that local variations in the soils can be accommodated for. Contact our specialists for more information.

What it is

The principle of a piled embankment is to create a platform on top of soft compressible soils that is supported by elements and does not load the soft compressible soils to be able to construct an embankment in a short period of time with very limited settlements. In our AuGeo piled embankment system the element with which the load is transferred to the bearing strata is the AuGeo pile. The AuGeo pile is a pile installed by static push force without vibrations and often used with a casing protecting the concrete to aggressive acids. Because all loads are transferred, the soft compressible soil into which the piles are installed remain unloaded.  

How it works

The load of an embankment is transferred to the piles by the natural arching in the high frictional mattress construction towards the stiff elements installed in the compressible material. The section underneath the arching is supported and transferred towards the piles by the high strength geogrid placed on top of the piles. This created a full transfer of the embankment load and a guarantee that no material is lost from the mattress. 

Why it's used

Piled embankments are most of the time used to limit the residual settlement after construction and are applied next to bridges or hard shoulders where there is no settlement. This improves the transition zone. The system is also used when the construction period does not allow for the regularly used consolidation solutions. The AuGeo system is, due to the use of the static push force well suited for projects in locations where existing infrastructure and buildings or infrastructure is present that must not be subjected to vibration and settlement damage. Thanks to the high production rates that can be attained, large areas can be made settlement-free in short periods.

Application area

AuGeo piled embankments are used in the following markets:

Infrastructure: the Piled embankments are widely used in infrastructure projects like railways, roads and highways 

Construction: The AuGeo piles and piled embankment can be used underneath warehouse floors.

The system is suitable for the following soil conditions:

Website Diagram Piled Embankment V2

How it is installed

The AuGeo piles are installed in a pre-determined pattern from ground level. The piles are installed using a modified vertical drain “stitcher”. A round steel tube and a base plate are pushed into the ground until the required resistance is achieved. The tube is inserted at a regular speed, thereby keeping disruption of the subsoil and the piles that have already been installed to a minimum. When the pre-determined resistance is reached, the pressure is maintained and a casing is placed in the tube. This casing is three-quarters filled with mortar before the tube is retracted. After the complete withdrawal of the tube, the casing is left behind in the subsoil. The tube is then cut to length and fitted with a reinforcement basket and round pile head after which, the tube is then filled with concrete. After the concrete has cured sufficiently, the space between the pile heads is filled with sand or peat and the geo-grid is laid on top of the piles according to the design. Following the placement of the geogrid, the mattress filling which consists of broken stone or aggregate is applied and the geogrid is folded back above the mattress.

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