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Company profile

Cofra is an experienced and sound partner in soil improvement techniques, founded in 1923 in the Netherlands. Originally acting as an Amsterdam based contractor with local operations, the company has evolved into a respectable international ground improvement specialist with several branch offices and an extensive network of agents. Cofra’s 2006 join with Boskalis, a leading dredging and offshore contractor and maritime services provider, has strengthened its position worldwide. We offer solutions to make subsurface suitable for desired construction activities and thereby aim to contribute worldwide to economic development and a safe living environment.

Our techniques

Cofra specializes in ground improvement and environmentally-protective barrier techniques. With our consolidation-, element based- and compaction techniques we provide the solution for construction site preparation in, amongst others, infrastructure- and land reclamation projects. With our water barrier techniques we provide solutions in infrastructure projects as well as on landfill sites. With our state-of-the-art equipment and geotechnical engineering department, we provide a customer driven service to fit within your schedule and expectations.

Our clients

Our main clients are contractors, governments, (warehouse-) project developers, port and airport terminal operators, oil and gas energy companies and mining companies worldwide.

Our core values

Innovation, reliability and professionalism are Cofra’s primary core values. The Cofra ‘Way of Working' stands for focus on quality and safety standards, compliant with oil and gas industry. Its proactive approach, and in-house designed advanced equipment, among other things, have earned Cofra a leading position as a ground improvement specialist. Its long track record and in-house Geotechnical department make Cofra a reliable international knowledge partner in civil engineering.

Building worldwide on innovation

'Building worldwide on our strength' has been Cofra’s appropriate motto for many years. Innovation, reliability and professionalism are embedded in our DNA. All techniques we use have been developed and/or improved in-house, together with our partners. Geotechnical- and operational challenges result in new techniques and working methods, always based on our pragmatic approach and quality and safety standards.

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