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Corporate Social Responsibility at Cofra goes beyond managing our business and projects in a responsible manner. We seek to leverage our ability to influence and innovate, to create added social, environmental and economic value where we can. Think of creating prosperity by improving the subsurface so that infrastructure or ports can be constructed. We increase safety by compacting sand and thereby preventing liquefaction during earthquakes.


By using the best available techniques and a relative young fleet of equipment we proactively continue to reduce our carbon emissions. By improving our production techniques, reducing and re-using our waste we want to contribute to a better environment. The ground improvement methods in our portfolio are in principle based on using natural materials and the soil as much as possible. By limiting the use of concrete we aim to reduce the CO2 footprint as much as possible. The PVD factory runs as much as possible by the energy generated from our own solar panels on our roof.

People and community

Our people are our most valuable asset. We provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees by amongst others offering sport facilities, fruit and lifestyle advise. Within the office an open style is created by the management. We provide equal opportunities for our employees and on projects we make use of the workforce of local communities. Our goal is that, when we leave a project,  they are more aware of safety, by enrollment in our NINA program and have learned the skills of the work they were hired for.


Part of our R&D tasks are related to the CSR. We always try to improve the work environment and with health related developments like an automatic cutter of the PVD and keeping the lifting activities to a minimum.