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Application areas

Cofra provides integrated solutions for many ground improvement and specific environmental markets. We cover all project phases related to ground improvement from (pre-) feasibility and design through to construction and monitoring. We can offer together with Boskalis comprehensive solutions (quay walls, roads, railways, tunnels and bridges) and have together almost over a century experience to accommodate it.

Our Markets and Application areas

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Infrastructure: roads, railways, ports, airports

We provide solutions for the consolidation and compaction of the subsoil in order to reduce post construction settlements and guarantee stability during construction. Our barriers can be used to create the line infrastructure below ground water level.

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Dredging – land reclamations

Our consolidation and compaction techniques are optimized to be used on land reclamation projects. With high productions, high quality control and an exceptional fleet equipment we can be put in schedules against the largest dredging equipment in the world.

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Our Ground improvement techniques are highly suitable for the consolidation of tailing ponds to create more volume or increase the strength of the material. Our barrier solution are used isolate polluted materials from the environment.

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Construction: Industry, warehouses, logistics, tank farming, housing

Our ground improvement techniques are highly suitable for the preparation of the subsoil for the construction of structures. Our consolidation techniques reduce the settlement, whilst our compaction techniques can perfectly be used to compact the footing areas of warehouses.

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Pollution management

Our barrier solutions are due to the use of HDPE materials optimized to isolate the most polluting substances. This can be performed horizontal as well as vertical.

Pollution management

Flood protection

Our barrier and consolidation solutions are often used in the flood protection market. Our consolidation techniques are used to consolidate the soil behind or under new dikes to increase the strength. Our barriers are used to control waterlevels, block sand transport or prevent erosion.


Liquefaction mitigation

Our compaction solutions, earthquake drains and stone columns are used to prevent or mitigate the effects of the liquefaction of the subsoil.

Our solutions per market segment

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Our projects - Please filter on markets for the specific projects per market segment


PVD installation through very dense sand layer Chek Lap Kok Link, Hong Kong

In 2016, Cofra Singapore installed 1,600,000m1 drain up to a depth of 45m using our heavy push rig, pushing through the dense sand layer at 20m of depth without predrilling.


PVD installation highway widening SAAone A1/A6 Diemen - Almere

In 2016, we installed 7,500,000m1 of prefabricated vertical drains, with an installation depth up to 7m.


PVD installation for housing estate West Hythe phase 1-6, UK

Between 2016 and 2019, Cofra Ltd installed around 400.000 m1 of prefabricated vertical drains, each year.


PVD installation for Distribution Plot, Swindon

In 2018, Cofra ltd installed 205,000m1 of prefabricated vertical drains.


PVD installation Tuas Finger One reclamation, Singapore

Between 2016 and 2019, we installed 5,800,000m1 of prefabricated vertical drains, with an installation depth up to 35m.


PVD installation LNG plant Soyo reclamation

In 2008, we installed 2,300,000m1 of prefabricated vertical drains, with an installation depth up to 25m.