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Marhaba! Welcome to the homepage of Cofra Middle East

Cofra unlocks the potential of unsuitable soils. As a leading global soil improvement contractor, we offer a unique combination of expertise, equipment and services. Maintaining the highest safety and sustainability standards, we provide innovative and competitive all-round solutions to our clients.

With its roots in the Netherlands, Cofra has 100 years’ experience in soil improvement. Our head office is located in Amsterdam and we have an extensive network of branches around the world. As a demonstration of our commitment to contribute to the region, we have established our Middle East branch in Abu Dhabi and operate throughout the entire Middle East region. 


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Cofra Dynamic Compaction (CDC)

No project is too small or too big for us!

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Other compaction techniques provided

We offer high-end solutions, with well maintained equipment, GPS quality control and high-level engineering. Want to experience our way if working or want to hear from our clients?

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Our commitment to safety

Safety is an important factor in Cofra operations. Have a look at our safety section.

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Duqm 281

Treatment of compressible clay or sabkha soils

Cofra is one of the worldwide market leaders in the field of vertical drains used to accelerate the consolidation of compressible clay, silt and peat layers upon loading.


Cofra has an extensive and versatile fleet that meets each project requirement

Cofra has an extensive and versatile fleet comprising around 75 excavators and auxiliary equipment that can be deployed in the optimal configuration for each project. Cost leadership is essential to our competitive position. The optimization and standardization of our fleet is a continuous process whereby we not only invest in new build, but also ensure that the existing fleet is kept technically spotless.


Find out our other solutions

We have more to offer than just the techniques highlighted on this page.


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Our projects

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CDC compaction for land reclamation of a new port in Duqm, Oman

We have compacted 826,000m2 of reclamation up to a depth of 8m for a new port in Duqm, Oman.


CDC compaction for New Cities project Kuwait

We have performed the ironing after Dynamic replacement and compaction of suitable areas for the new cities project in Kuwait. In total an area of 3,800,000m2 was compacted using CDC hammer in 2011.


CDC compaction for Khalifa port

We have compacted 3,800,000m2 for the construction of Khalifa port in 2010 using three CDC hammers.


CDC compaction for the Bahrein steel factory, Bahrein

Our Cofra Middle East crews compacted in 2022, 40,000m2 for the reclamation to expand the Bahrain Steel Factory.


CDC compaction for the Wasl Island development

Our Cofra Middle East crews compacted in 2022, 17,500m2 to create a new hotel resort on reclaimed land.


CDC compaction for Masdar Road

Our Cofra Middle East crews compacted in 2020, 32,000m2 to create a new road.