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CDC compaction for the Wasl Island development

Our Cofra Middle East crews compacted in 2022, 17,500m2 to create a new hotel resort on reclaimed land.


Related projects

CDC compaction for Gabon Fertilizer plant

We compacted 540,000m2 for the Gabon fertilizer plant in Gabon in 2013 using 3 machines.


CDC compaction for Antwerpen East port

We compacted 80,000m2 for the development of warehouses near Antwerpen, Belgium.


CDC compaction for New Cities project Kuwait

We have performed the ironing after Dynamic replacement and compaction of suitable areas for the new cities project in Kuwait. In total an area of 3,800,000m2 was compacted using CDC hammer in 2011.


CDC compaction for Barrow Island LNG terminal project

We have compacted the EMOF facility of the Barrow Island LNG facility at Barrow Island Australia in 2011. On a very remote location, under strict environmental regulations, we were able to compact 145,000m2 of reclamation.


CDC compaction for Khalifa port

We have compacted 3,800,000m2 for the construction of Khalifa port in 2010 using three CDC hammers.


CDC compaction for tank terminal Amsterdam

We have executed a soil replacement and compacted 40,000m2 for the construction of tanks in the Amsterdam harbour in 2009.