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CDC compaction for Gabon Fertilizer plant

We compacted 540,000m2 for the Gabon fertilizer plant in Gabon in 2013 using 3 machines.


Related projects


CRC compaction for the Hartel Tank Terminal

We have used our CRC roller to compact backfilled material up to a depth of 3m on the Hartel Tank Terminal in Rotterdam in 2019.


CRC compaction Matarbari powerplant

We have executed CRC roller compaction to assure platform stability and check for soft spots on the Matarbari powerplant construction site before installation of vertical drains commenced.


CVC compaction for stability slopes

We have compacted the slopes for a pipe pull in Borselle, the Netherlands, from a barge up to a depth of 30m deep.


CDC compaction for Bessamer Park Sheffield, UK

Cofra Ltd Compacted 11,500m2 for the development of a new warehouse in 2019.


CDC compaction for UK Battery Industrialization Centre

Cofra Ltd compacted 12,500 m2 for the development of a new warehouse in 2019.


CDC compaction for the Bahrein steel factory, Bahrein

Our Cofra Middle East crews compacted in 2022, 40,000m2 for the reclamation to expand the Bahrain Steel Factory.