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Welcome to the homepage of Cofra Singapore

Cofra Singapore is based in Tuas Singapore and executes ground improvement projects in Singapore and neighbouring Asian countries as part of the global operating ground improvement company Cofra BV.

This landing page will provide you with specific information about our branch office. You can return to this specific home page by clicking the Cofra Singapore link at the bottom of each page.

News and highlights


Discover our expertise in the field of vertical drainage and consolidation techniques

Find detailed information about one of our core activities.

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Latest news from Cofra Singapore

Cofra acquires project to install 40 million meter of drain.

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Our commitment to safety

Safety is an important factor in Cofra operations. Have a look at our safety section.

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Find your solution to densify granular material

Several compaction techniques available.

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Our projects


PVD installation airport construction Changi East, Singapore

With an installation depth up to 60m, we are installing, 42.000.000m1 of prefabricated vertical drains


PVD installation Matarbari USCC Power Plant Project, Bangladesh

With an installation depth up to 25m, we installed in 2018 and 2019 over 10.000.000m1 of prefabricated vertical drains


PVD installation for reclamation Centerpoint Makassar

With an installation depth up to 25m, we installed in 2017, 7.000.000m1 of prefabricated vertical drains


PVD installation new Mexico City airport runway 3

With an installation depth up to 20m, we installed in 2017, 27.800.000m1 of prefabricated vertical drains


Offshore PVD installation M02 basin enclosure Port de Brest, France

With an installation depth up to 17 below seabed, we installed in 2018, 415.000m1 of prefabricated vertical drains from a barge


PVD installation N23 provincial road widening The Netherlands

With an installation depth up to 12m, we installed between 2015-2016, 11.300.000m1 of prefabricated vertical drains