Vertical drainage Serbia

  • The popular interior retailer Ikea continues expanding. Not only existing department stores expand, the total number of stores keeps on growing as well. The building of new stores is not only good news for the utility construction industry, often substantial infrastructural modifications are necessary to make the store accessible. Sometimes ground improvements are necessary.

    After  performing ground improvement in the past for the Ikea stores of Delft in The Netherlands and Bayonne in the South of France, Cofra started this week with the installation of vertical drainage for the new Ikea store in East-Belgrade in Serbia. And soon Cofra will start the installation of the vertical drainage for the expansion of the nearby toll station Vrcin in the E75 near Belgrade, which is part of the same contract. An infrastructural modification which should ensure that the additional traffic attracted by the Ikea store runs fluently.

    Vertical drainage Serbia Vertical drainage Serbia