Vertical drainage Germany

  • Cofra has started with the second stage of the installation of more than one million meter of vertical drainage for the diversion of the regional road B211 near Brake in the northwest part of Germany. The first stage was completed at the end of last year.

    The current and future expansion of the harbors of Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven in the Northwest part of Germany will cause more freight traffic on the local roads before they connect to the highway network in Oldenburg. Some parts of the B212 have already been renewed, but the junction where the B211 merges with the B212 is still causing a lot of problems. The nuisance is not only limited to the traffic participants in terms of traffic jams, the nearby residents experiences nuisance in terms of noise and exhaust gasses as well.

    The soil conditions in this area are characterized by river sediments like peat and soft clay caused by the ancient capricious course of the river Weser. This soil structure requires the application of vertical drainage when new infrastructure is built in this area.