Vertical drainage France

  • Offshore drains, vertical drains installed from a pontoon in the seabed, are nowadays part of Cofra’s standard activities. After last year’s installation of vertical drains in the seabed of ‘t IJ in Amsterdam, Cofra recently commenced the installation of the vertical drains in the seabed of Brest, France.

    Région Bretagne is currently executing an enormous investment in the harbour of Brest. The investment concerns the development of existing land as well as the creation and development of new land. The total project will be executed in several different contracts and runs until the end of 2021.

    The drains Cofra currently is installing are part of the contract for the construction of a new dyke in front of the seashore of Brest. This dyke will form the future shoreline. The area behind the dyke will be transformed into a new wind turbine assembly park by means of reclamation.

    The seabed underneath the dyke is characterized by soft clay. To accelerate the consolidation process of this layer at the moment the dyke is constructed,  approximately 35.000 vertical drains will be installed.