Vertical drainage Belgium

  • With the construction of the new Canal du Nord in the North of French the shipping traffic will increase in this part of Europe. The port authorities of Wallonia respond to this growth with the construction of a new transshipment port along the river Schelde in the city of Pecq near the Belgian-French border.

    The activities consist of the construction of three warehouses. The subsoil underneath these warehouses are characterized by clay deposits of the river Schelde. When a load is placed on the subsoil settlements will occur. Because the floors of the halls are not provided with concrete piles but rest on the subsoil surface a different method of stabilization of the subsoil is necessary underneath the floors. It was decided to use vertical drains with surcharge for the consolidation.

    This summer Cofra will install 350.000 m of vertical drainage until a depth of 15 m to consolidate the subsoil and to make the floors of the warehouses suitable for transshipment.