Official start installation anti-piping geotextile screen

  • Cofra acquired, together with Boskalis Netherlands, a pilot project for the improvement of 800m of dyke using a vertical sand blocking geotextile also known as anti-piping screen. The opening ceremony of this innovative project was on the 8th of July together with the start of our installation

    The anti-piping system developed by Cofra is a modular system installed at depth using a pressurized cassette. The geotextile, a reinforced drain mat with on both sides a geolock lock, is installed vertically at the sand-clay border. The geotextile is released from the cassette at depth to prevent clogging of the geotextile and to assure a higher permeability in comparison with the surrounding sand. With the use of this patented system a permeable but sand blocking system is installed at the location of potential pipes. Once a pipe starts to occur and sand is transported to the surface, the geotextile will block the pipe but will still allow the water to flow through the screen. This assures the stability of the dyke as no undermining can take place.

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