Vertical drainage Saint Pierre d’Irube, France

  • Following the drain activities we executed last year in favor of the new Ikea-store near Bayonne in the little town Saint Pierre d’Irube, we recently commenced the installation of the vertical drains in favor of the adjacent commercial area “Interikea”. Our new CAT390 installs the deep drains till 50 m depth for the eastern access road. Our Komatsu PC350 installs the shallow drains till 15 m depth for the northern parking.

    The little town Saint Pierre d’Irube is located near the confluence of the rivers Nive and Adour. The sediments which the rivers deposited over many years requires soil improvement like the installation of vertical drains at infrastructural projects. The location near the motorways A63 and A64 makes the area very suitable for commercial expansion.

    Vertical drainage Saint Pierre d’Irube Vertical drainage Saint Pierre d’Irube  2