• NINA – No Injuries, No Accidents

    Safety is the top priority for Cofra. In a bid to achieve an incident and accident-free working environment we developed the NINA safety program in collaboration with Boskalis. NINA stands for No Injuries, No Accidents. Developed in cooperation with Boskalis staff, the program strikes a chord with everyone. NINA sets out our vision on safety and describes the safety conduct we expect from our staff and our subcontractors. The program makes people aware of their own responsibility and encourages them to take action in situations which are unsafe.

    The safety program is supported by the vision statement issued by senior management which states that the safety of our staff is a core value for Boskalis and that the goal of No Injuries, No Accidents is embedded in our corporate culture.

    The vision statement is supported by five core values and five rules. The five core values express what we expect from each other when it comes to safety. The five rules are a set of useful tools for supporting our values and putting them into practice.

    NINA comprises an extensive program of training and workshops.

    Veiligheidsprogramma NINA

  • Veiligheidsprogramma NINA