Our staff

Spread out over our modern office, the production department and several jobsites all over the world, approximately 60 dedicated employees work for Cofra at the moment. In busy periods, we additionally work with quite a large number of temporary staff in production but especially on our jobsites.

Management team

  • Hans van Eijk
    General director

  • Ton van Veen
    Business unit controller


  • Axel Hilligehekken
    Manager operations


  • Paul van den Horn
    Manager sales, planning & calculations


Desk coordinator

  • Sytze van der Goot
    Desk coordinator
    Vertical drainage


  • Wiegert Dijkkamp
    Desk coordinator
    Vertical drainage


  • Pieter Hafkamp
    Desk coordinator
    CDC compaction


  • Marchal Jacobs
    Desk coordinator
    Geomembrane &



  • Desk coordinator

  • Project coordinator

  • Jelle Maas
    Project coordinator


  • Rob Vorselman
    Project coordinator


  • Manfred Chang
    Project coordinator


  • Daniël Lens
    Project coordinator


  • Project coordinator

  • Geotechnical department

  • Human resources

  • Martijn

    Martijn Boomgaardt
    Project coordinator

  • Jeroen Dijkstra
    Manager geotechnical department


  • Jan-Willem Vink
    Geotechnical engineer

  • Eric Cowan


  • Production

  • Technical department

  • Financial department

  • Geotechnics B.V.

  • René Bodamer
    QE/ HSE /


  • Jan Schuringa
    Manager technical department


  • Nico Schoone
    Project administrator

  • Andre de Lange
    Sales engineer Geotechnics