Geotechnics B.V.

Within the “Boskalis Cofra Group”, Geotechnics B.V. is the production and trading company. At the Kwadrantweg in Amsterdam you will find a production facility, which was set up and renewed in 2007, where an average amount of 25 millions of meters of MebraDrain is produced on a yearly basis. By mentioning MebraDrain, we immediately point out Geotechnics’ most important product. For many years, MebraDrain was, and still is, “the standard” for prefabricated vertical wick drains not only in Europe but also worldwide. With its own laboratory, many years of experience and geotechnical support, Geotechnics will provide you with an answer to all questions pertaining to the application of vertical wick drains.

At Geotechnics, you will also find Geoflex. Geoflex is a vinyl sheet pile system and it is an alternative to traditional hardwood sheet piling and bank protection.

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